It does not matter if you are talking about a dream villa, a farmhouse or an apartment owned by someone: there are those who move because their children have left home, but who simply wants a new home: whatever the reason, to sell a house or an apartment it is good to prepare properly.

For average users, it is difficult to estimate the value of their property and how much to sell it to be able to earn as much as possible. The following points must always be considered when selling a property.

1. Advantages and disadvantages
Depending on the target group to which your property can be sold, a disadvantage can suddenly also become an advantage. Drawing up a list of the individual characteristics of the property allows you to see them in front of the eyes and helps to prepare the next steps.

2. The price
Most homeowners find it difficult to realistically estimate the market price of their property. A stratospheric price is likely to pull the sales process for long, while at a price too low money is given. To calculate the sale price, on the one hand, comparable properties are useful, on the other hand, statistical instruments. can support the valuation of your property and also offers information on the evolution of property prices in your region.

3. The right time
A villa with swimming pool looks much more inviting in summer rather than in winter with dry leaves inside the pool and ice on the veranda. Even the seasonal fluctuations in the real estate market contributed to making more or less money with the same building. Those who aim to sell their property on two feet and regardless of who and how likely is likely to throw tens of thousands of francs. On the other hand, calculating the best selling times, the mediator can provide a well-founded estimate.

4. The restructuring costs
It is convenient to adjust small defects which at first sight could disturb. This has positive repercussions on its prospects of success in the sale. Exterior lights and working doors convey the feeling that the house is treated. If it is unclear whether or not to meet minor restructuring work, because they could have an influence on the selling price, a mediator can provide a good estimate.

5. The dossier
Before making the final decision regarding the purchase, any serious buyer will want to inform about the details of the property. It is therefore advisable to keep all the necessary documents ready. A serious sales file includes, in addition to photos and maps of the house, exact measurements and extract of the cadastre, also a description of the vicinity and the infrastructure. A mediator helps you to prepare the dossier and identify the customer segment. In addition, the professional can help if he deals with correspondence with notaries and authorities and organizes visits with interested persons.

6. The sales channel
By what channel should your house or apartment be sold? Better to place the ad on different portals or to entrust the property to a selected agency? Not always a large audience also means a better yield to the sale. A mediator can offer advice on what is the best sales channel and present the ideal solution.

7. The mediator
If you are not a sales professional and you do not move easily in the real estate market, you should hire a broker. But how can you protect yourself from scammers who deceive the owners or who sell real estate with little polite games?

Certainly being a member of a Swiss real estate association is the first step. Through the partner service QSIM, the quality network of Swiss real estate brokers, works with various brokers. Each of these real estate brokers is part of a recognized association, has at least 3 years of experience and a specialized training recognized in the real estate field. If you have concrete sales intentions, our brokers estimate your property on site, free of charge and without obligation. If the customer chooses the mediator, the latter agrees to put the property on the market and remain available to the customer even after the closure of the deal.