The interest is low and the moment seems favorable for buying a property. But there is not only the mortgage and the depreciation to be financed. Owners must also be able to deal with fixed costs and renovations. Compare offers a general overview.

If you live in a rented house and are thinking about buying a building, it is good to think carefully. As a matter of fact, most of the ancillary costs were included in the rent, but as owners of the house the ancillary and maintenance costs must be calculated separately. And they are neither to be underestimated nor forgotten already when buying the house.

I can afford it?
Ancillary costs, together with mortgage interest and depreciation, should not exceed 35 percent of income. Even if the interests are currently low, the banks, in their calculations, consider a rate of 5 percent. After all, you must be able to repay your mortgage even in a period of high interest. Do you want to know which property you can afford? You can find information on the Comparis mortgage calculator.

Accessory and maintenance costs: where is the difference?
As owners, we have to deal with many things that until now, as tenants, were not incumbent on us, and this is linked to additional costs. Included expenses include regular expenses for water, electricity, heating, but also insurance, cleaning, concierge services, etc. Among the maintenance costs instead are those for the renovation, such as whitewashing the walls or renewing the flooring. Even the most expensive costs, such as renovation and renovation of a kitchen, bathroom, heating system or fa├žade, fall into this category of expenses.

Water, trash, internet and TV: additional costs in detail
Insurance premiums: building insurance, glass breakage, water damage, civil liability for buildings, domestic furniture (see insurance premiums for domestic furniture and liability insurance ).
Utilities: water, waste water, garbage, vegetable waste
Operating costs: gas, diesel, electricity
Taxes: cable TV connection (see price comparison for internet providers and TV )
Maintenance costs: small repairs and gardening
Service subscriptions: heating, diesel tank, washing machine, etc.
Advice from the property expert of Nina Spielhofer – “To protect against unpleasant surprises, homeowners should set aside approximately 1% of the purchase price each year for ancillary costs and maintenance costs of the House. However, this applies only to a new building. The older the building is, the greater the need for renovation and maintenance. “