Those who choose refined furniture for their home must spend more on home furniture insurance compared to those who find furniture and objects at the flea market. A logic that does not make a fold: if a luxurious furniture is ruined, the insurance must pay more. However, since it is not easy to calculate the value of one’s domestic furniture to the cent, various categories are available to estimate it. On the comparison page of the awards, the furnishing levels are subdivided, for example, into “simple,” standard and “luxurious”. By indicating this information, the number of people and the size of the apartment is calculated an insured capital.

Communicating insurance to “simply” just to save money on premiums is not convenient, because when damage occurs, performance is reduced proportionally. In these cases, we talk about underinsurance. Here is an example: a couple, who for their 3.5-room rental apartment declare a luxurious furniture worth 129,000 francs, to one of the most convenient borrowers and depending on certain basic conditions pays a premium of around 290 francs. If the same pair indicated badly “simple” furniture worth 70,000 francs, they would pay only 180 francs, but in the event of a claim, the benefits would be reduced by more than 40 percent. In the presence of an impressive damage, in general,

On the prizes, you can save money by checking your situation and comparing the offers. A move can be a good opportunity to adjust coverage.